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Ridgeback Bugle 

 The Ridgeback External Reed Bugle is our number one seller! The Ridgeback is made for those guys or gals that have a hard time or just don't like mouth reeds. There is no diaphragm reed required, simply blow into the mouthpiece to produce amazing cow and calf calls with ease. Easily produce bugles that sound realistic to blend in with both the bulls and cows vocalizations.

Revolution Bugle 

Without a doubt, The Bugle is a must-have elk call for every hunt. The Liberty Game Revolution Bugle is so easy to use! Easily call in bulls, cows, and calves with impressive lip balls and grunts. Do you want sound control? Just squeeze the end or put it under your arm to sound farther away.  Don't be fooled by its size this bugle packs loud volume and a perfect pitch so you can call into or across canyons! Get your Revolution Bugle now from Liberty Game Calls.

LiL' Big Horn Bugle

Hear the LiL' Big Horn External Reed Bugle by Liberty Game Calls! This call is excellent for locating bulls. The sound created through this little bugle is a bit different. The interesting design actually has purpose, because it is filled with vortices and a flat bell on the end creating a mini cyclone. The result is a small bugle that can create extremely loud and realistic elk vocals!

Smokin' Cow Estrus 

 The Smokin' Estrus Cow call produces great estrus calls as well as other cow and calf vocals. With open holes in the barrel, this call has an amazing nasally sound. You can rely on this call to be consistent and easy to use. Switching from estrus to calf vocals is easy, just push your finger down on the band while it is in the lowest setting. You need the Liberty Game Call in your hunting arsenal!


Patriot Reed 

 The Revolution Bugle paired with the Patriot Reed is the call you need for cow, calf, and bull vocals. The dome frame paired with strong armour tape, lets the best of both worlds finally come together! Single latex makes this reed easy to use and high pitched for incredible and realistic elk vocals! Find the Patriot Reed at Liberty Game Calls. 

How it Works: Anti-Cut Gloves 

Don't get cut while field dressing game. Be sure to throw these in your pack. They keep your hands cleaner, warmer, and most of all safer! Don't risk it. Deep cuts with sharp knives can be dangerous. Especially in the back country, where emergency treatment is not near by. 


Ridgeback Bugle 

Learn how to use your Ridgeback Bugle from Liberty Game Calls. This call is easy to learn how to use. You are just moments away from producing mature and immature cow/bull sounds. 


Replacing Ridgeback Bands

Follow along as Marisa Ragano from Liberty Game Calls, shows how to change your Ridgeback Bugle bands. It is important to replace your bands to keep your bugle performing as it should. Replacement bands come with the Ridgeback Bugle or you can purchase them separately from Liberty Game Calls.