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About Us

We are Damian & Marisa Pagano, owners of Liberty Game Calls. We made history as the first couple in history to both hold World Champion Elk Calling Titles. We are guides and successful hunters. We have over 50 plus years of combined hunting experience.

In July 2020, we decided to launch our own line of game calls. This decision came from being disappointed with the sound of the oversized plastic bugles on the market. These plastic bugles do not produce good quality sounds and they are not user friendly in the field. We felt like there was a need for bugles that were made from softer materials that better mimic actual elk anatomy. We wanted them to have a high-quality, realistic sound and also be easy to use.

We found what we were looking for, when we came across a rubber bugle that was engineered by Dan Ady, The designer of many products that are on the market including the famous Power and Royal Bugle. Long story short, he was looking to go a different direction with other products. We bought all his calls and launched Liberty Game Calls. Bringing our customers the best bugles on the market, made from one of the best game call engineers in the industry. He works solely with Liberty Game Calls and together we are already in the works of bring out new products! 

How did we come up with our business name and logo? Well, the bull elk silhouette in the logo is a bull that Marisa harvested and Damian came up with putting the Betsy Ross stars around it. The Betsy Ross Flag represents unity of the 13 colonies with 13 stars in a circle. We want unity in this country under one American Flag, under one Nation! Under God with Liberty and Justice For All!
Thus, Liberty Game Calls Logo is simple. It’s the love and passion we have for hunting combined with the our love of being a true American.
We support Veterans and First Responders! We donate a portion of every sale to a fallen officer foundation. We are different! We are Liberty Game Calls!