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About Us

Liberty Game Calls was created by Damian & Marisa Pagano in July of 2020. We made history as the first couple to hold World Champion Elk Calling Titles, giving us the credibility and experience to launch our successful hunting business. After one year of starting our company, my husband Damian passed away suddenly in July 2021. Now, in Damian’s memory, I have decided to carry on with the business plans that we dreamed about. My son Ruben Hunt has decided to join me in this growing business.

Unfortunately, most of the bugles on the market today are made from plastic, and they lack the sound quality needed for a successful hunt. We decided to launch Liberty Game Calls because we felt like there was a need for better-sounding and more user-friendly elk calls. Our calls are made from soft materials that mimic actual elk anatomy, and they produce high-quality sounds that will help you bring in those big bulls!

If you have ever been hunting for elk, you know how important it is to use the right calls. Elk are brilliant animals, and they will quickly learn if your calls are not realistic. This is why we created Liberty Game Calls. We wanted to provide hunters with the best possible game calls on the market so that they can bag their trophy elk! Our calls are made from soft materials that better mimic actual elk anatomy. They produce high-quality, realistic sounds that will fool even the smartest of elks!

When it comes to elk hunting, one name stands out among the rest: Liberty Game Calls. We are a company that specializes in manufacturing the best elk bugles and elk calls on the market. Our products are designed by Dan Ady, one of the most experienced and well-known game call engineers in the industry. We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products to help them successfully bag their next elk!

We are Liberty Game Calls, and we are different! We support Veterans and First Responders. We donate a portion of every sale to a fallen officer foundation. Our logo is simple. It’s the love and passion we have for hunting combined with our love of being a true American. We make elk calls, bugles, and other game calls that will help you bring in that big buck or bull!