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We Know What It Takes To Make a Quality Elk Call

We Know What It Takes To Make a Quality Elk Call

Liberty Game Calls was founded by Damian and Marisa Pagano, the first couple in RMEF history to both hold World Champion Elk Calling Titles. Our mission is to offer bugles that are more realistic, easier to use, and mimic elk vocals better than other bugles on the market. We have years of experience and a passion for hunting, and we want to provide the best bugles available. We also support veterans and first responders! For every product that we sell, we donate a portion of the sale to a fallen officer foundation. We also donate products for auctions that raise money for veterans and hunting conservation. Check out our elk bugle options today!

The Game

Preparing for your next elk hunt requires the proper equipment and techniques, so you won’t have to leave your hunt empty-handed. Sound is a critical factor if you want to be a successful in the field, and at Liberty Game Calls, we provide the best bugles on the market, for you to be successful. Not only are plastic bugles lower quality than our line of bugles, but they are also incredibly loud if you accidentally drop or bump them. This leaves you at a disadvantage because your elk might dart away in panic. Elk calling is not an easy game to play, and that is why our bulges made from high-quality, high-density materials are necessary to ensure your sounds are as realistic as possible.

World Champion Elk Callers

In July of 2017, one of the founders of Liberty Game Calls, Damian, won his first World Champion elk calling competition. Moreover, Marisa Pagano, the other founder, won the 2018 and 2019 World Elk Calling competition. This couple showcases what a successful elk caller entails, and they are also the first couple in RMEF history to hold World Champion Elk Calling Titles. After Damian passed, Marisa decided to carry on the business. She currently runs it with the help of her son who is also a talented elk caller and hunter. Elk calling takes a lot of skill and practice, and these founders know exactly what to use and how to succeed in this often-tricky mission. Some mindful steps to take for better elk hunting and calling include acquiring the proper calls, learning the proper sounds and when to use them, and of course, practice.

World Champion Sig Sauer Elite Hunters

Damian and Marisa Pagano are both on the Sig Sauer Elite Hunting Team. This team is for skilled hunters who have the physical capabilities to shoot successfully with various hunting products. This team is committed to excellence, and many team members hold impressive titles. Nonetheless, everyone on the Sig Sauer team is a gifted hunter. Each team member possesses unique capabilities and talents that are unmatched.

Why Use Our Bugles?

Our bugles are the best on the market for your elk calls. The quality of the materials that our bugles contain is far more superior and innovative than plastic bugles you might typically find. These high-quality materials make our elk calls sound better than others out there, because they produce sound that will travel further and wider, with the most realistic sound.

At Liberty Game Calls, we supply the best bugles for your hunting adventures. We are passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic about hunting, and we want you to feel the same way on your next trip out! Our founders have proven what dedication and a passion for hunting can get you. We are confident that you can engage just as successfully as we do with the proper techniques and equipment. Contact us today to learn more!