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The Best Elk Calls

There's nothing quite like hunting for elk in the great outdoors. The beautiful scenery and environments only scratch the surface of the depths that elk calling has for life-inspiring experiences. But, when it comes to elk calls and honing your hunting skills, the sky is the limit! Liberty Game Calls is here to provide the knowledge for the best elk calls around to up your game the next time you venture to the great countryside. Check out our elk bugle options today!
elk call

Best Cow Call - Smokin' Cow Estrus

When it comes to luring out cows, you need an instrument that is effective at alerting and communicating an audible invitation across the hunting terrain. A major aspect we love about this cow call is the consistently high-pitched and nasally sounds that mimic natural calls to action for female elk. In addition, a big selling point comes from the call's streamlined ease of use. The signature design saves excessive amounts of air and energy while still making an effective sound, allowing for that energy to be used for the most crucial moments of the hunt. Herd the best cows by the next hunt today!
reed bugle

Best External Reed Bugle - The Ridgeback External Reed Bugle

Like our cow calls, a handful of elk bugles provide a top-performing strength to up your game. The Ridgeback External Reed Elk Bugle is a personal favorite of ours. The high decibel numbers this call can reach allow for a wide range that any new and experienced hunter can use effectively. Available with a camo, coyote brown, or olive green cover, these instruments bring the looks and sound for top-tier elk calling. 
revolution bugle

Best Elk Bugle - Revolution Elk Bugle 

This elk bugle is the perfect tool for a long-range, easy-to-use call for big game venturing the current terrain. The lightweight and compact design optimize the importance of quickly switching from your call to your weapon for more effective hunting. We're big fans of any hunting bugle that allows for easy execution in loud and soft calls. The best part about this versatile product is that your near-limitless hunting skills can decide what sound is currently the most effective based on your situation and terrain. From constructing an audible challenge to an alpha bull to seizing the moment of capitalizing on mating seasons, the revolution elk bugle is the trusty tool for optimizing your game. 
external reed

Lil Big Horn External Reed

We couldn't go this long praising some of the best elk calls without highlighting a personal favorite in the external reed department! This bugle is effective for all levels of hunters or callers with high amounts of customized usage thanks to its compatibility with external or mouth reeds for how you see fit. We love using this for the big-time bull elk game wherever we go. Not only because of how big the lured game is, but the sheer versatility in where and when this tool proves effective. The compact design also allows easy carrying and quick switching from calling to shooting.

From imitating herd to estrus calls, these elk calls have proven time and time again to be trustworthy tools in any hunter's arsenal looking for the best game possible. Hunting is an unexplainable passion that drives us to perform the best we can each day while always honing our skills. With the right game calls at your disposal, your hunting game will go to the next level and beyond. We are confident in the effectiveness of these elk calls, and we invite you to learn more about them and the inner secrets of effective elk hunting by checking out our other great articles today!