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Marisa Pagano-Sig Sauer Elite Hunter 2021!

I, Marisa Pagano, am a mom and avid outdoors-women. I know that some people involved with Sig Sauer will recognize my last name. That's because my husband, Damian Pagano, was also part of the Elite Hunting Team. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly this year.  This has been a very hard time in my life. However, I am ready to be apart of the Elite Hunting Team, just as Damian would have wanted.  I push forward in his honor and his memory.  Although, Damian and I made a amazing hunting team, I do have my own personal accomplishments when it comes to hunting and elk calling.
I am a 2x World Champion Elk Caller, have harvested multiple state record animals, numerous elk, deer, and bear. My weapon of choice is a bow, but I am also a skilled shooter and have taken many animals with a rifle and a muzzle loader.  I have 30 years of public land hunting experience and prefer hunting on public land.
I have a passion for calling elk and started my own game call company, Liberty Game Calls, last July.  I now run this growing company with my son, Ruben Hunt.
I am honored to be apart of the Sig Sauer Elite Hunting Team and look forward to this new adventure!