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Elk Calling Mistakes to Avoid

Elk hunting is not an exact art. What works one time, is not certain to be successful next time. With this in mind, you can still have a strategy that works better than another plan. At Liberty Game Calls, we want to prepare you with the best information possible so you can be successful on your elk hunt. Specifically, our team wants to supply you with high-quality elk bugles and tips on how to best use them. Continue reading to learn about some common elk calling mistakes that you should avoid.
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Not Knowing When to Use Your Elk Call

One common mistake that many hunters make is not knowing when to use their elk call. If you are constantly calling and the elk are aware of your location, it becomes difficult to get close enough for a successful shot. Often, when elk recognize that you are nearby, they move away and try to gain distance. Instead of bugling your way in, resist the urge to call once you know the bull’s general location. Try to quietly get in front of them or wait until the next day to try for a better position with the information you have gained.
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Calling Too Much

It is important to understand that just because you have an elk call, does not mean that you should use it all the time. In fact, using your elk call too often can result in chasing or shadowing a herd. If you are constantly calling and they are not responding, chances are they have already moved on. When you do use your call, try varying the sequence or tone to create different sounds. This will help to keep the elk guessing and interested in what is going on.
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Not Adapting Your Strategy

This tip follows the first one, in that you cannot force elk to be where they do not want to be. It is our job to find the elk, so do not get fixated on hunting a specific area as the elk just might not be there. If you set up shop in one spot, you need to be able to adapt your plan. It is important to have an open mindset and be willing to adapt your strategy as you learn more about the elk’s location. This means being open to new terrain and being willing to move if the elk are not where you want them to be.
To find elk, you need to know what they need in order to survive. Elk need similar necessities to ourselves: food, water, cover, and bedding to live. When looking for a spot to set up camp, areas with south-facing slopes and meadows are great for elk feeding. For water, look for creeks and springs. Lastly, areas with an abundance of brush and timber are great for elk because of the natural bedding and security. By finding these new spots that meet these needs, you can rejuvenate your hunt and start calling to more success.
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Overthinking Your Elk Calls

One common mistake that many hunters make is overthinking their calls. Elks are simple to understand. Herd bulls are concerned about breeding cows and protecting their cows from satellite bulls. Meanwhile, satellite bulls are focused on stealing cows. With these simple mindsets, you can take advantage of the elk. You don't need to have a complex approach; just feed off the bulls' emotions. You can do this by firing a bull up with an elk call. One technique is to use an elk bugle to attract a herd bull towards yourself. Bugles are great for this because they convince the bull that you are challenging him for his cows. Thus, you are tapping into his aggressive, defensive side. Likewise, elk bugles are also effective at luring satellite bulls who are attracted to action. It's not complicated. 
While these tips are not 100% foolproof, they will help you to have a more fruitful elk hunt. These, along with high-quality elk bugles that make realistic calls, will give you a better chance at success. When you’re ready to take your elk hunt to the next level, shop Liberty Game Calls for the best in elk calls and bugles. Our team is passionate about hunting and we want to help you be successful on your next hunt. Contact us today with any questions or to place an order.