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The Revolution Bugle

Three years in the Making The New Revolution Bugle Is Here!

Unlike Plastic Bugles, The Revolution is Soft and Flexible (11" extends to 24") and Made Of a Rubber Compound with Grooves set at The Perfect Depth And Distance To Create The Most Realistic Elk Sounds and has the Same Volume as Your Bat Bugle!

No More Plastic Sound Like Your Heads In a Culvert When You Bugle!

No more Clanking Plastic When Bumper, Hit or Dropped During the Hunt!

Light and User Friendly. Just Call and Shoot with Ease no more Fumbling with Plastic Bugle! 

Want Volume Control? Just Squeeze the End or put the End Under Your Armpit to Sound Further Away. 

Oh and Because Its So Easy to Carry and Use, You Will Actually Use It!  Not Just Keep It In You Backpack!

This is a Elk Hunters New Best Friend!



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