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Why Use Liberty Game Call Bugles?

Why Use Liberty Game Call Bugles?

Break Free From Plastic Bugles! There is finally a bugle that is actually engineered to sound like a real elk! No more plastic "head in a culvert" sound, no more cumbersome bats. Our bugles are just as loud, yet they sound realistic, are small and flexible, and are the most user-friendly bugles your will ever own!. Experience the new 'Revolution' in game calls! Get one of our Liberty Bugles today!

Damian & Marisa Pagano, the owners of Liberty Game Calls, are both hunting guides and successful hunters. They even made history as the first couple in history to both hold World Champion Elk Calling Titles!

As hunters and guides, they understand how elk communicate and how they sound. By breaking free from plastic bugles, they bring you elk bugles that use softer materials that better mimic real elk anatomy. Liberty Game Calls sound more realistic and are the easiest bugles to use on the market due to this!