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Why Should You Use Liberty Game Call Bugles?

Gearing up for your next elk hunt is a big deal. Choosing the right elk call could be the difference between bagging an elk or leaving camp empty handed. This season, choose the right bugle and call in more bulls! 

At Liberty Game Calls, our bugles are made from better, high-density materials that can produce better sound, a broader range of sound, and sound that can travel further than the competition! Plus, our bugle tube is small, flexible, and easier to use in the field. Read on to learn more, and shop the selection of bugles from Liberty Game Calls today.

Why High-Density Materials Make Better Sound

We all know the importance of good sound in music and conversation. Elk calling isn’t any different. Unlike most bugles on the market, Liberty Game Calls bugles are not made of plastic or aluminum. These materials are considered low-density materials and affect the quality of sound, the range of sound, and the distance that sound travels.

Instead, our bugles are made from rubber and composite materials that make hardly any sound if hit, dropped, or bumped. Our high-density materials are an ideal medium for producing sounds with less vibration and distortion, resulting in sounds that better mimic actual elk vocals.   

High-density materials produce sound waves that are shorter and wider. Low-density materials produce sound waves that are tall and skinny. The difference is those short and wide sound waves produced by our bugles travel further and have a broader range of sound then those tall and skinny sound waves produced by bugles made from low-density materials. This is because short and wide sound waves have more energy. Also, energy is not lost in a high-density medium; it takes less effort to produce sound that travels wider and further. That means you can save your breath for the pack out.

Why to Avoid Low-Density Materials.

Plastic and aluminum are identified as low-density materials because they are terribly loud when bumped, hit, or dropped, making your elk disappear faster than a fart in a fan factory. When used as a medium for sound, these low-density materials vibrate and produce a noise of their own, which carries resonance (echo) and distorts true sounds.

For example, think about listening to music coming from cheap speakers made from low-density materials. The sound is not crisp or clear. The slightly distorted vibrations against these low-density materials sound just awful, even to an untrained ear. 

On the other hand, speakers made from high-density materials that reduce vibration create sounds that are less distorted, resulting in a much better sound quality. That’s why at Liberty Game Calls, we craft our elk calls with the best quality, high-density materials available. Believe us, your next trophy can hear the difference.

The physics of sound doesn’t lie! Elk calls are tricky to mimic in the best of circumstances, so it’s essential to make the decision to buy the best bugles made from high-quality, high-density materials to make your elk vocals sound real, travel wider and further, and call in more bulls this year!

 Shop the selection of high-quality elk calls at Liberty Game Calls today!

Why Use Our External Reed Bugles?

If you’re pumped about our Revolution bugle tube, then you will be even more excited about our external reed bugles.  Every good hunter knows an elk bugle has two distinct components: a low-pitched roar and a high-pitched whistle. The Ridgeback and the Lil’ Big Horn produce these two sounds together, mimicking a real-life elk bugle sound in every way. The secret is the internal baffle system design combined with our high-density bugle tube. Both the Ridgeback and the Lil’ Big Horn have interchangeable mouthpieces that make it easy to produce a broad range of elk vocals — from the biggest bull on the mountain to a young bull, and even cow and calf vocals! No other elk bugle on the market allows for this much diversity. Plus, they are so easy to use.  

The Ridgeback has all the great features of the bugle tube, but it also has a baffle system inside the external tower, which can produce a double sound that mimics that of a real elk's bugle.

The Lil’ Big Horn has a slightly different tube design. It’s made from composite material and also features the internal baffle system, but it's unique in the design on the end. The Lil’ Big Horn’s end is specially engineered to push air around like a mini tornado to build up more energy. Once the energy is released, the sound is ear piercing. Bulls respond well to the very high pitch and the very low pitch sound that is produced at the same time. 

Both the Ridgeback and the Lil’ Big Horn are made from high-density materials and have incredible sound that travels wider and further with less effort. What’s not to love?

Check Out Our External Reed Bugles Now!

If you’re looking for the absolute best elk calls available, it’s time to discover the external reed bugles from Liberty Game Calls. Check out our selection today!